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repost from elsewhere, chatting with a fish on the christian forum

"...I like the focus of your posts fish, but you shouldn't think that my gripe is solely towards the christians for their not witnessing evil, no it's a trait they share in common with most folks who don't try to witness the evil as it were, and since they don't try to see ceasar's evil in their midst they let that evil continue unabated, when they say "it's not my concern", or use "render unto ceaser" for an excuse to not see that tax there, doesn't that mean that they are either asleep or in acquiescence to that evil therein..." smiled the goblin noting as it were many congregations in our midst today, smiling "...where the biggest would be the congregation of ceasar's media coverage today, but then there's the congregation of wallstreet finance, also there's the congregation of mindless entertainment, even there's the congregation of one's own personal problems too, in short just so many congregations that vie for one's attention with their sole intention of keeping one firmly within their congregation, dare I say that they're the churches of the false gods today...", at which point the goblin went back to his original phrase, smiling "...ah yes, "ours is to witness" fish, ours is to witness lest we end up fast asleep in the wrong congregation..."

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