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repost from elsewhere

" more than ever is this need within me to write..." voiced the goblin in the sunlit bristro while thinking upon the breakdown of east/west relations, the debt bubble, the tangled mess of current events, and so much more too, relating ", for me at least the point of my pen is not all that cheap "book peddling" that most writertypes get so preoccupied by, no it's simply two things really, exploring those possibilities therein, and seeing if readers will follow me in my conjectures upon whatever let's say by way of a resulting rising hitcount towards it...", where the goblin could have written a book, or done a blog for that matter, but he knew deep down that it would never have matched the readership that being a livewriter upon forumland has, noting "...just most folks don't see their posts as anything of consequence so those around them see their posts in that same light, truth is though, that there are more folks reading posts than most anything else, even if so few writers ever note this short interactive content for its true value, thus they wonder why their book hadn't sold and why their blogs hadn't faired better...", simply the goblin knew how they hadn't put themselves in their reader's shoes, repeating "...simply your readers are here now so you must write in the here now, after all those readers are just like you I imagine for their wanting some short interactive content to relate directly to...", the sunny day pulled the goblin away at this point but he knew he would only return later to see if there were replies if any, smiling "...I mean why ever read the works to those who won't converse..."


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