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She cuddled him, she loved him dear. Her shelter from perpetual storm. Silent embrace. She was wondering if she could work with the dead, she didn't find others vulnerability and outpouring of grief to be alien turf or taxing. Funnily, you couldn't feel alone with the dead, and apart from flea .. she trailed off. Thats funny see, the dead were very much alive in her book. She snuggled closer, please love me she whispered silently x
"...well now, don't we just live with our ghosts until we become one of them in our turn I guess..." ventured the goblin still here though, still chatting with them inside himself when not conversing with the humans in his dailylife or with those personas he met across forumland here, smiling "...yes, they're rather silent and persistent, yet those whispers within that silence are quite unmistakable aren't they, where the madness is simply not coming to terms with those voices there...", and didn't everyone hear voices from their past then, where the trick was never to feel either intimidated by them nor arrogant towards them, smiling "...trouble is that if you write, when you actually write it reinforces those encounters and their recollections, where at times too your dreams will play host to all sorts of apparitions again...", the goblin hoped that his explanation had helped in showing that it was perfectly normal in its way as merely being a byproduct of writing then, yet something quite unnerving too while in the throws of its encounter


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