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Do you narrate your entire life? Do you do it when you order a burger at the drive through? How about when you're answering your boss's questions?
"...interesting question where the answer is "not intentionally" I suppose..." replied the goblin given to a certain liberty while posting though, then explaining "...even so, the mind tends to wander off while doing the mundane as it were, thus the body gets on the job in hand while my thoughts are left graze upon warmer pastures, otherwise it would reflect of how my dailylife owns me entirely under my obligation towards it...", where for example the goblin was thinking upon this text here while doing the household chores in complacence with his captain's tyranny, sighing " its simplest then smile and think murder has been superseded by smile and think elsewhere instead, why, because feeling murderous would be tantamount to admitting it actually held sway over one's emotions, likewise I can write like the other do if it's ever required of me, same type follow the crowd style writing then while no doubt there too I'll be thinking elsewhere in the process...", as the goblin thought what some politician might recount when pressed to say anything where his only message was "not playing ball with capital hill"

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