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Default Christ,

it gets so old

Day after day

Wake up (damn, why does my shoulder hurt? Didn't hurt when I went to sleep)

Get some clothes on (these jeans were good enough for yesterday - they're good enough for this day)

Eat some food (yeah, yeah - I know some people, lots of people, ain't able to eat a breakfast - I am such an insensitive bastard)

Read some stuff on WritersBeat
Try to interact there as a social being

And - if it is one of my lucky days - sit on the crapper and scribble as my body makes room for more crap before I go to work

What's that?
You want me to be excited?
You want me to be afraid of terrorism?

Fuckin' terrorist best hope I don't see him before I get back to my bed tonight


Cause I don't need no vest to blow up

Through the smoke and fog there comes a form ... shape shifting ... could this be the Future?

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