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Originally Posted by Devon View Post
No one really has a clue how much work goes into indie publishing until they actually go through it. I'd say reaching the finish line in all of that -- and turning out a decent, well-written novel -- is a pretty excellent accomplishment.
You're probably right. Like I said, I'm not saying self-publishing is easy or beneath me or not something to be proud of. It's just personally, in my own neurotic sort of way, I need the approval of so-called professionals before I feel satisfied in my work. I guess that is kinda sad.

But if I self-published, I'd never be able to shake the feeling that I was just being self-indulgent and egotistical (as I am inclined to do). At least with traditional publishing I can be secure in the knowledge that somebody knowledgeable thinks my work is worth the effort.

Again, that's just my twisted logic. I don't mean to imply that self-published authors are inherently egotistical. If I had more confidence as a writer I'd probably self-publish all my stuff; it seems like the way of the 21st century.
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