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It took me a LONG time to read, but the flow of the story and the story itself was good.

But me, I'm a bit of a back story guy, a history guy, if you will.

Like OnceAponATime said, I'd like to have seen more info on the Creeps. Maybe noone knew what they were doing or why, but some info, maybe even later on would have made it better.

Plus, in the beginning, I know there were a million of the Creeps...but how did they get past a smaller, in numbers for sure, but what seems like a much more advanced US military.

I just would have liked to know how the Creeps overran Tanks, Jet Fighters, Helicopters...hell the Nuclear Bomb that would have eventually been suggested, as it always is.

Once again, great story, myself, I'd just like a bit more history on the key points...maybe not right up front, but more into the story possibly.

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