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Thank you for the timely reminder. We need to research the markets in order to not follow the fate of many of the paper writers. There are online markets on the I-net, the predominant one is Amazon, in my humble opinion.

Buggy whips and spats have gone the way of the dodo. Books printed on paper are next, I believe. Gas pedals gave way to accelerators and electronic publishing is in its ascendency. I guess that next will be psychic tales that are induced into the brain. Or perhaps the bards will make a comeback. Who knows.


Originally Posted by Gaines View Post
I just read a one page article online from the San Francisco Chronicle.

It is titled; Book PUblishers R.I.P. (google it to read it-it's only one page long)

It was printed this month on the 24th and it gives some eye opening info on the state of publishing houses in these hard economic times. Also has a suggestion or two of what authors need to do to get in print and promo their work.

Honestly it is worth the read. Just thought someone might be interested.

Much on these while you read it. "See the following post by zizban for the click on link"
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