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Originally Posted by Floyd View Post
I am sorry to bring back an old post, but I have been away from the Beat for several months (circumstances I could not avoid). I was new anyway, but in the month or so I was here, the Intellectual Table seemed a vital and lively part of the forum, and without it there is seems to be less reason to return (indeed, I see that many 'frequent-flyers' have departed since I took my hiatus.)

I do not want to stick my foot in, so to speak, what was, I'm sure, a complicated and necessary decision. But now, two months since the death of the Intellectual Table, is there any chance of it making a return, now that things have 'cooled-off'?

King regards to all the moderators and admin.
While the Intellectual Table was certainly a lively part of the forum, we don't believe it was a vital one. And the past months have proven that. While there is less traffic than before, the focus is much more on writing, which is what this forum was designed for and should be used for in our opinion.

The Intellectual Table as it was will not be coming back. There may be (note the may, we're not making promises) a new discussion forum at some point, where the main focus will still be writing or reading. We're brainstorming about it, and any member is free to PM us with ideas, but for now we're happy with the way things are. The atmosphere has improved a lot, and we're happy to see members standing up for each other and helping each other, rather than ratting each other out and causing virtual fist fights.

If you're looking for discussions in the way they were held in the IT, feel free to take a look at the forum Non Serviam has set up (the link is somewhere in this thread), and we hope to still see you around here for writerly matters!
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