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Originally Posted by Pandora View Post
Very true Shelly. My favorite color as long as I can remember has been green. A couple years ago out of the blue . . . ha! I discovered yellow. My gosh what a color, just friendly, energetic and peaceful all at the same time. Of course yellow has always been around so what changed? I wonder if what changed was my stars, yes I'm sure of it.

I love learning about other people, a window to their feelings.
We used to play a sidewalk game using bottle caps. Most of the kids would melt crayons into their caps to give it a distinctive look (like racing colors Jockeys wear for the stables). Anyhow, my bottle caps were always yellow with a blue swirl.

Green is the color of the Irish. Yellow is associated with taxi cabs. In the streets of NYC, yellow is anything but friendly and peaceful. Energetic? The appropriate word would be chaotic.

"Hey, Mack. Where to?

"Thirty third and third."



Pandi, ladies are much more open to astrology and numerology than men are. I once enrolled in a tarot reading class, and of the twenty people in the class (including the instructor), I was the only male.

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