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Originally Posted by Pandora View Post
I enjoy hearing about your childhood days growing up in NYC, talk about colorful and fun.

I agree about men and things that don't seem logical, they make perfect sense to me . . . ha!

Thanks Shelly.
Our block was lined up with the Empire State Building. As soon as I exited my building and turned North (I turned North nearly all the time because the corner candy store was in that direction), the magnificent building (ESB) was the first thing I saw; it stared down at me.

We used to play in front of my building a lot, and when he was about six years old, my friend Michael used to be afraid of the Empire State Building. Even though the ESB was about two miles from our street, Michael believed if it ever tumbled, it would reach our block, burying all of us. It's funny how a child's imagination could created almost any situation.

After a small plane crashed into the building around 1947 (?), killing about 6 or 7 aboard it, a warning light was placed upon the building to prevent similar accidents. I remember how I used to watch that beam of light soar across the night sky directly above my street.

The light used to rotate, and I'd watch the beam appear and then vanish then appear for a couple of minutes. I think it took about 30 seconds for the light to make a complete circle around the city. The tenements on my block were so crowded together and so tall, that the beam was visible in the night sky only when it was directly lined up with my block. At the time, it was fun to watch come around and around.
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