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Originally Posted by wyf View Post
I don't know if it affects pain but the worst thing you can do if you're stabbed is take the knife out. The knife acts as a plug and reduces the amount of bleeding, especially from internal organs. Taking the knife out can kill.
It's not just that it's a plug (and not exactly a perfect plug, you will still bleed I've heard-maybe depending on the wound). It's also that you can do more damage by pulling it out, and that's what most first aid courses I've taken warn against. On the way out it might cut an artery that it was resting against, but wasn't cut on the way in. It's also important to not just leave it in, but put gauze around to help seal it more, and to stabilize it. Letting it move can also cause more damage.

Though my character has the knife pulled out by the person stabbing him, so no luck there.

I did a lot of research on this. For example, I know it's not like the movies, where you stab someone, and they just lurch over and die. It's all about blood loss. There have been account where people have been stabbed in the heart during a duel, and would continue to fight until they died of blood loss.

Just hoping to get an account for what it might feel like, what the pain is like, what they're thinking when they get stabbed or cut like that. Trying to bring something new to my book, a certain gritty realism.

Thanks to those who've repsonded.

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