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Originally Posted by Cityboy View Post
What the Bleep Do We (K)now!?

Discovering The Endless Possibilities For Altering Your Reality

Excellent book with insight into science, religion, and energy (soul, spirit, etc.). Reading it with an open mind will be an enjoyable experience. The soul is energy; and, even a hardcore, God-hating, materialistic-minded scientist will admit (when nobody is around to hear him) that energy is transformed and never dies.

"A deeply spiritual work that takes for granted that most people are hungry to break out of the sleep-walking existence of our consumer culture ... dares to treat people as smart and deeply curious rather than dumb and deeply cynical." Dallas Morning News

"Puts a positive spin on the jolt to the intuition that is quantum physics, and suggests that a man's fate could be an enlightened paradigm ... very powerful." Seattle Post

"A [work] about quantum physics, spirituality -- and the meaning of life ... It's full of head-scratchers and the kind of talk I'm not used to hearing from scientists and other academics ... attempts to answer existential conundrums such as: What is God? What are emotions? What is the soul? And the ever-popular why are we here?" The Chicago Sun-Times

We aren't here just to line up outside a store to purchase the latest electronic device. Or to push a shopping cart around a crowded Wal-Mart, as many sleep-walkers would like us all to believe.

Thereís a book called Quantum Physics For Babies. You should read that. The movie you reference has been debunked by smart people. The whole connection to spiritualism is wishful fantasy made by people who didnít understand the science at all.
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