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Originally Posted by brianpatrick View Post
I had five sisters, now I have four. The youngest died three years ago. When I was 6yrs old I held her infant body in my arms. They brought her home and let me hold her first. She was so beautiful. She had these huge eyes and full lips. You know how some babies are kind of ugly? She wasn’t. She was perfect.

I’m fifty now, so I’ve had at least a dozen good friends die on me. They passed into the collective vibration and disappeared.

All these live on through me, but they no longer exist in a physical way. Sure, they live one through others in a different way, but they are gone.

I see no value in pretending that the personal life force lives on in any physical way. Who cares?
I had more siblings now I have less. I scooped up her dying body in my arms, we escaped together to play, she had things to do, places to be, she pops back occasionally, the odd moment, glad to have felt her free.

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