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As a matter of fact, CB, I have died and come back, but there was no shaking around or vibrating. I just watched myself die, became one with the Universe (no long tunnel, no bright light, no line of deceased relatives and friends all waiting to greet me), then came back because I could see, when you're facing unlimited eons of one-is-all, all-is-one, there comes a point you just have to get drunk and shotgun a TV, and Earth is the only place to do that.

There was nothing special or dramatic about it. I went; I saw; I came back.

The main thing I came back with was a sense of complete and utter, total serenity, but that didn't last long, and I became an opinionated asshole for the next twenty years or so, only mellowing out when I got cancer and had two years flat on my back to think about things.

So yeah -- I'm not just speculating, but even having been there, I'm still looking for an explanation for what I experienced.

I've been through enough strange shit to know that what we think is real may not be, and our memories and senses aren't as infallible as we'd like.

So I ask questions, and I question answers, and I hope to get more from my discourse than dismissal and contempt.

But what it all comes down to is, if it's real we'll know for sure when we die, right? So why waste a lot of time here and now searching for answers we know we'll have when we die?

And if it's not real, why waste time on it at all?

Life is short, and it's different than anything we may experience as free energy dispersed throughout the Universe. It's a unique experience, and I try not to waste too much of it worrying about something I'll be going back to much too soon, anyway, assuming that it's real.

If it's not real, I definitely don't want to waste any time on it.
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