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Howdy Marc Sayer.

I really enjoyed your intro. It's nice to meet someone who has gone trough similar experiences as myself. I've been writing longer than you an I'm in my 70s.

Here's a few comments on topic you mentioned.

You mentioned taking your magazine digital and it failed. Maybe you gave up too quickly. Maybe the subjects you covered needed to be expanded to pull in more readers. Hell, maybe your site was too hard to get around on. Maybe your keywords didn't induce search engines to pull up your site. I assume you planned to make your money from selling eyeballs, and not charging for access to the site. If not, it was bound to fail. But I know that specialized content can be profitable if done correctly.

You work with handicapped dogs is impressive. It must feel good to help them.

You said: "I've recently been thinking about getting back into writing, and have been approached by a conservative online site about providing some politically oriented content."

Why not give it a try? You could even use WB for a beta read prior to posting it for the general public.

Why not jump in here and read some of our work, the comments, then post your own feedback. Just because you've been writing non fiction is no reason to not consider fiction. I think you'll be surprised how fulfilling fiction can be.

So welcome aboard. wrc

You're not dead 'til you're dead and when you are you won't know it. So, keep on writing and having fun.
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