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Saturday, 14 OCT 2013 saw people in 17 states unable to access food via their EBT cards. (EBT = Electronic Balance Transfer = digital food stamps)

Miscellaneous Thoughts, in random order? (Warning - might border on the conspiratorial)

1. The government doesn't run it's own EBT system? At least in the states affected, the system is administered by Xeorox. (the company most famous for photo copy machines). Is there a little, or a lot of corporatism, or crony capitalism going on here?

2. What if this wasn't a glitch. What if this was done to make the shutdown by the Feral Government seem worse?

3. What if this wasn't a glitch. What if this was done to gauge how people will react to issues in the system? As with natural disasters, it shows how quickly people (that don't prepare for themselves) panic.

4. With a government shutdown, and the much bantered threat of financial meltdown if one side does not cave and raise the borrowing limit of the US Government, could this become more commonplace?
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