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Originally Posted by Mohican View Post

Perhaps my opening post seemed a little callous. But there is often opportunity to be found in tragedy. That isn't me advocating or approving of taking advantage of, or cheating people dealing with tragedy.

As I stated, If I was 22 again and a fresh college graduate I could envision taking a "Steinbeck-esque" journey, and perhaps I could write something of interest about it.

Going back to the modern day "Hoovervilles", I think that I would find a number of admirable people. These are people who are surviving on their own terms in what is for them a post economic apocalypse.

In my bumming around in the late 1980s I found that even in the economically flush times, there were still people that both by choice and happenstance were dispossessed, and footloose if not fancy free.

for a "crusader", it would be a good story to tell, perhaps to build awareness. But it's a topic that rubs raw for those of us with a comfortable existence. A lot of people don't want to acknowledge the amount of people that might be just out of sight, making a rough go of it.
I think what you are trying to say according to me is that people are instinctively protective of themselves and others in the facce of tragedy. humans naturally cling to life.
it is a natural instinct. the more tragedies and the more people come together to stay alive. it is something we all do instinctively because life is what cherish the most. we ought to learn to cherish each other more instead and there will be no more tragedy.
tragedy is a faux pas a mistake that is often the core of many more tragedies.
once the human gets a taste of it he or she naturally veer towards as if it were the norms. what is one war? let' have another one is the idea of tragic.
a lesson in
life is a pound
in sound
it reminds us
it is expensive a fine
so bear one
in mind
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