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(", step dad, and grandma..." sighed the goblin in the late hour that it was then, suspecting too that the conversation would be little more than mere catch up mixed in with small talk mostly, then adding "...naah, one would have only looked stupid saying thank you for being there while they're there, so it's when they're gone that you're just hoping that they know now that they're just missed still...", the snow would fall shortly, and between those twitching lights and droning sounds the spell of chrstmas would be upon us once more, but for one small goblin it only meant lighting up a another candle and just gazing into its comforting flame, whereupon the goblin with a faint smile of recollection confided "...and how silent are one's thoughts in those strained moments as one looks upon that flame there, the flames is just a way to make time stand more still I guess, yet eventually one has to away, or watch it burn out even, and within that blink there their flame lit dinner is ended, where one is so hoping they have feasted well on those sentiment therein...", " should live from day to day goblin, not from candle to candle now..." remarked a soft voice from somewhere beyond earshot)

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