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brian wrote: I actually do like Cash. In his day he was really unique, so many great songs. Those songs feel honest. Yeah, I know none of it is actually “honest” but that’s the art, right?

But Hurt Just feels dishonest and like pandering. Like a tired old man who was once a thriving giant, crawling to the finish line.

That whole record felt like he was pushed to perform. Reminds me of a once wild silverback gorilla locked in a zoo cage so long that he doesn’t fight it anymore.
I had heard at the time, and read someplace later that Cash was in failing mental Health at that time period. (stroke? Dementia?) and made a lot of covers.

I noticed that it's a take it or leave it - no one has any middle ground.

I really like His cover of Hurt and Bridge Over Covered Water and think WTF whenever I hear his cover of Depeche Mode's Personal Jesus.

He adds a lot of grit to Hurt, and his cover of Bridge Over Troubled water - with superb backup up vocals by Fiona Apple is very subdued, and not the belt it out mess that I hear many make of it.
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