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I just finished The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas...It was originally written in French, but the translation was awesome. The writing was nice and kept me into th story. I HIGHLY recommend it to anyone who likes literary novels. Even if you don't like classics this is a good book to burst into the scene. There is action and romance woven in quite nicely.

Just yesterday I bought Les Miserables by Victor Hugo (the guy who wrote The Hunchback of Notre Dame). When I first looked at it I kind of shirked from the sheer girth of the novel, a whopping 1200 pages, but the writing is simply awesome. The words and the reflections really give you insight into humans and make the characters feel so dang real.

I'm only a hundred pages in and so far only 1 main character has been introduced and one semi main character. So it's a bit slow moving, but the writing is crazy good in my opinion.

So, that's a basic rundown of what I'm reading.
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