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Default Writing Tablet Poetry

Just Rest (October 24, 2013) is my first successful poem made entirely by tablet computer, so thought I'd record the process.

I used a writing app on one tablet to write and save the poem. (An entire final section was deleted during edit in this app.)

Then I carefully copied the open text by hand from that tablet to Writer's Beat using a second tablet. A couple of edits using the WB interface convinced me the poem I'd retyped could stand, so I posted it.

What DID NOT WORK FOR ME was an earlier attempt to type a poem by free association directly to the WB interface, editing only on the site itself. (If you can type directly to a WB message field to make solid poem: go for it!)

: = )

For now I'm going with the two-tablet method.* Thanks to WB for providing the platform and proving ground!


*The ability to write and present poetry while lying on one's back is something new and old: think Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam.

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