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Originally Posted by daes13 View Post
Let me weave a tale my friend, a tale that may not include you, or even be remotely close to your own situation, but one that must be told:

Many years ago I wrote, and by that word I mean of course smeared my mental feces on some medium. It was shit, but god Damn did I think it was good... My oh my thats a weird casing.

Nowhere. I went nowhere with that shit. Too big to even flush down the commode. Clogged in the U-pipe as it were. 2 years I sat and thought, douchbagging around I like to say. Almost got married, and by that I mean I received a break up text on the way to propose. Lots of coke and lamentation. Woe is me bullshit, ugh.

There was a light. True love, and isn't it blecky to say such? But it was, love at that. A genius with a body worthy of worship.

Anyway, she found my work, amidst my hiatus, and laughed. Its shit she said, pure shit, she told me the truth. The truth is writing is work, fun work, but work nonetheless. There is a step before editing called rewriting. First, the excrement must be wiped away and then the rewriting may occur.

My point? None whatso-fucking-ever. There is no point. But know, there is a reason that we must persevere and continue. If the first thing you write is good, then everyone is lying. We must write and read, write and read, until we bleed our soul and torment it into a working piece.

I honestly have no idea where i am going with this...
Yea.. I must say, it was quiet a blathering of nothing from the get go. But when you read the last sentence first and the couple lines second, you know.. Boy Howdy. Alcohol let the dogs out?
i didnt do it, except
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