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Hi everyone. I'm happy to respond. I also encourage everyone to search out my other post so you can judge for yourself if I have bad-mouthed anyone.

"Gross misrepresentation": Lin you are confusing normal with free. To claim normal is tantamount to free is just plain incorrect. To me, free means being charged nothing. This is what we are offering those on this forum. I never said it was free to the world. I bet buying gifts for you is very hard...

Authors retain all rights. It is a non-exclusive listing.

Quality control is currently based on an ePub formatting check. This is less than perfect, but then again, I expect a well formatted ePub file combined with a genesis out of this forum to be more likely to generate quality work. Keep in mind, this offer is unique to this forum.

Here are the two keys to the system that are easy to over-look: 1) The ability to reach your entire previous audience. This is priceless information that the big guys keep for themselves. It's your readership. You should be able to reach out to them! With every book release, the value of this list increases. It makes future book releases nearly guaranteed to outperform your previous books!

2) Yes referrals are nothing new. But this system facilitates and encourages them. Your biggest fans are likely to be avid readers. This can be an expensive habit. The referral system rewards these fans by allowing them to essentially read for free. Is this spamming? The study linked at the bottom shows that 4 out of 5 readers already tell their friends about ebooks they like. We simply facilitate and reward them for this. I doubt they will stop because we are paying them. For those that don't want to make money off their friends we have a charity option, allowing them to support charity through their hobby of reading.

3) Some questions to ask yourself: How many books have you sold? How many more would you have sold if everyone who ever enjoyed one of your books was paid to tell everyone they know about it? How many copies will your next book sell if it was emailed directly to ALL of the previous numbers on release day?

4) Network: Sure Amazon has amazing distribution channels. That being said we have no interest in redeveloping channels. Facebook already has done this for us. It is the largest interconnected community there is, which is good enough for us.

5) Yes word of mouth has been around forever. But to claim it's the same now as always is like comparing a musket to a machine gun. Facebook has changed the nature of "word of mouth". Nothing crosses borders faster than messaging via Facebook. The only limiting barrier is language. In addition, we can now facilitate, track, and reward this word of mouth. And then give you access to all the conversations.

MLM? Thanks Lin I won't respond.
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