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So... this is affiliate marketing for fiction, right?

Emerald, I'm guessing the business model is - 70% to the author, commission of 20% to the referrer, 10% to the company plus all the listing fees. They won't make money off anyone directly with this special offer, but they will off the people who get referred, and any company like this needs a sizeable userbase to be viable, and giving good deals to early adopters is a good way to kick-start that.

I'm not convinced by the 4/5 figure. There's a BIG difference between 'talking about a book' and 'sharing it across every social network'. The 'conservative' 25% figure is pushing it, too. Also, there've been quite a few studies that have shown financial incentives don't work for this kind of thing. People like being paid for grunt-work; being paid for stuff they'd do anyway bizarrely tends to mean less people do it - they don't like the idea of that it could be thought they're only doing it for the money.

I'm curious about the buy network - how exactly does it work? Do you collect e-mail addresses of everyone using your social reader app, then mail them whenever a new listing goes out? And does the author also get a copy of all these contact details? And how do people get your Social Reader app in the first place?

Lin - what are the contemporary twists on KDP? I'm not up to date with all the stuff you can do with that platform at the moment.

FWIW, I can see some value to this in getting exposure, but if you're relying on viral marketing to make money from your book - especially if the first $149 is sucked up as a listing fee - I'd expect you to be waiting a very long time for your cash.

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