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Originally Posted by socal View Post
Example: You have 500 freinds on Facebook, read Mayan Calander Girls purchased from PagePusher (yes, fantasy land here, lol). You love it and post on your wall that it's a great book. You 500 friends see this in their News Feed and 8 click on the link and buy it too. You get your money back and the author is paid for 2 book sales.
Wait a minute. Why is the author only paid for 2 book sales if 8 are made? I thought the referral incentive comes solely from your end?

Also, by cold hard numbers I didn't mean money. I meant sales statistics. I think you should be focussing on metrics: proving that this publication scheme actually works through controlled market research. As it stands, all you've got is a vague hope that asking/paying people to do what they already do (tell their friends about a good book) will somehow translate to higher sales.

Haven't you put this theory to the test at all? It seems pretty amateurish to go live with a system when you haven't done any sort of market test analysis. Or have you?
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