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I'm not having any real issues with this site (accessed through Chrome). I've got used to it.

There still seems to be a worthwhile hit-count, despite only a hardcore of a few regular members.

I have never used another writing site, or been involved in any other forum.

Nor would I.

If there are new writers out there who genuinely want to develop their writing and build up an audience - this IS the place to come - but i'm not sure that they realise the growth comes through READING and analysing other people's work. If you can't appreciate or critique someone else's writing constructively, you'll never be able to measure your own progress and make headway as a writer. The smart cookies read, absorb, interact and practice. This site used to be rich with them, and the boards moved at lightning speed.

A few more new writers with serious intent would have this place buzzing again.
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