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Default The Magical Kingdom of Writer's Beat - A User's Tale

To quote the guitarist who accidentally broke all of his guitars before a gig..."This is disconcerting"

Picture this:

Innocent little Winterbite comes strolling merrily along the paths of the internet, gazing about at the nice graphics and interesting fonts. By and by he wanders down the winding path to the Kingdom of Writer's Beat. He skips about for joy as the familiar site spreads out before him. With great happiness he double clicks the Username box and his name appears. He types his password in the password box and waits for the magical doorman to open the gate to the wonderful kingdom. However, the doorman, in all his magical wisdom, will not allow poor Winterbite entrance, and instead simply returns him to that scenic vista that the home page of Writer's Beat Kingdom affords. Winterbite, thinking it a fluke, tries again. To his delight, the doorman looks upon his username and password once more, and welcomes him to the Kingdom of Writer's Beat!

Winterbite merrily skips along through the daisies that grow inbetween forums. It is theorized that these daisies are caused by the huge number of members who have gone "dead", and are now pushing up said flowers, but that's out of keeping with the carefree tone of this tale. Lighting upon a thread of interest, Winterbite knocks upon the door and is admitted to the deliciously random conversation of "The Last One to Post WINS!" He sits down and is just about to savor a mug of finest mulled cider, when he sees that the doorman has just taken away his "Signed In" status! Poor Winterbite is now nothing more than a ghost, a lonely exile, seeing but not seen, hearing but not heard. Puzzled, he signs in once more, and is again forced to do it twice. The doorman makes no apology whatsoever for his random actions. This sort of thing goes on for a while, hounding Winterbite relentlessly after visiting two or three pages. And it has not stopped yet! Winterbite is becoming tired of this order of things, and is contemplating revolt.

Is there a benevolent soul on Writer's Beat who can return poor Winterbite his blissful "signed-in-until-he-wants-to-leave" state?

"Wise men speak because they have something to say; fools speak because they have to say something." - Plato
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