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Default Hollow

Thought I'd give it a try as well


My life is brilliant.

That's what I thought that day on the beach. I stared at the waves. Closer and closer they came, reaching for the sand castle I'd built with the kids. One of those huge castles with stones and shells and everything. You could almost see the princess hanging out of one of the non-existing windows, waiting for her prince charming to come and save her.

I stared at the horizon. I had a good husband, nice kids, a great job...Life was good.

The sand castle caught my eye again. I thought of the princess. I had already found my prince charming.

Hadn't I?

I hardly saw him, actually. Or the kids, for that matter. Except for days like this, really.
But isn't that what it's all about? Building sand castles and eating ice cream on a sunny beach, and then take the kids to McDonald's. They were fine with the babysitter the rest of the time. Weren't they?

The waves had reached the castle. They took a layer of sand with them on their way back to the beach. And again. And again.

I miss the kids.

Sand crumbled down, and the salt water had hollowed out the castle's walls. The ones holding the princess's tower.

My life is hollow.

The tower collapsed.
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