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I'm writing this on the forum, the idea just popped into my mind. Hope it turns out how envision it.

New Friend

Met a new person today. His name is Freddy and he's quite bright. He went to college and got a degree in psycho analysis. His parents are from Detroit, but they moved out here to Chicago when he was 5. Anyways, Freddy and I talk about everything. From movies to music, to sports and females. We're becoming good friends; I wonder if I should invite him to meet my parents?

Freddy said he couldn't come by today on account of a family emergency. I'm worried because his voice seemed to be empty of life. I wish I could do something for him. Maybe what ever is going on isn't that bad and it will go back to normal tomorrow. I can imagine it now, Freddy coming over with good news, on how it was nothing, that his mom just tripped on some stairs, or his dad threw out his back trying to lift a box; he'll come and we'll just laugh about it. Then we'll go out and watch the game at the bar. We'll get some drinks and we'll drink away our sorrows of the past enjoying each others company.

Freddy didn't come, but he called. I missed his call because it was early in the morning. 2 a.m. to be exact. He did leave a message. What Freddy said didn't seem real to me. He told me how his parents had been murdered. How his dad had tried to defend against a serial killer, but was brutally chopped into pieces, and had some of his limbs fed to the dog Freddy owned, Spike was his name. His mother was found outside, a knife in her back with bruises all over her body. Freddy told me he couldn't rest until he found the killer, and that he was sorry he couldn't see me for a while. But why didn't he ask me for help? I would have been more than welcome to help him track this psychopath.

Been a couple of months since Freddy has called. I used to worry, but that feeling has started to change to hate. Why did he have to leave me behind? I thought we were friends? I thought we were going to watch countless games? What happened to all my plans? My mind can't help but wander. Freddy may have forgotten all about me. He probably has new friends. He probably doesn't even think twice about the things that he used to have; the people that he's left behind. I hate Freddy. I wish he would drop dead. I wish the same things that happened to his family would happen to him. I want him to die. I want him to suffer. I want him to feel the pain that I have of feeling alone. I want him to realize while the last breath of life leaves him, that he left his poor friend behind. Die Freddy...die Freddy...
There's a knock on the door, and someone speaks from outside.
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