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Originally Posted by Beesauce View Post
I'm most interested in what you think of the paragraph formatting and punctuation. it started out with short lines, but i souped it to a label. whadda ya'think? should it keep going or is it too ambiguous to remain two parastanzas?

Burning Knowledge

The waste of time my dear is not a burden Id wish upon the likes of your kind.
Time is mine to squander and Im sorely winning the desire to syphon the blood I'd taste from your collarbones, your neck, your wrist -- I cannot let myself in and consume as much as I multiply electric waves on, waves away, currents of crude tinkering. You'd always win and we'd re-educate the flaws of freedom.

Sometimes is most the time lately which is honey all the time crushed I'd spin around and around like we were swimming in space in zero gravity, pages would flow out the books to dissolve chains. We could: libre los libros. Free the hardbacks. No fuego nosotros biblioteca. Don't burn the library it's filled with endless knowledge to be consumed as it refines itself over but not out, over --

Seems delirious to me by my accumulated knowledge of poetry ain't enough to construct a couplet.
Through the smoke and fog there comes a form ... shape shifting ... could this be the Future?
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