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Originally Posted by Myers View Post
There may or may not be a genetic component. But I think there is at least something in very early childhood development that determines sexual orientation.

I've heard the stories, and I can see there is generally a time of recognition -- just like heterosexuals have.

Is it a choice for some? I think for a very small percentage. Even so, who they choose to have sex with or marry is their business, not the governments.

Otherwise, I think it's mostly like the old cliche -- when did you choose to be straight?

And trading bible verses with someone who thinks unrepentant homosexuals are going to burn in a lake of fire is probably a non-starter.
It was, by no means, a cynical move on my part to quote the Bible - or play quick draw with Bible quotes. I just used them to illustrate my own question. If one believes in a perfect being that surpasses all other, that being is rendered passible if part of His creation is perceived as 'wrong'.

In a World which has serious problems looming with overpopulation, homosexuality seems like a Divine plan in action.

We play God by saving or sustaining lives that nature wouldn't support (premature babies, life support, maintaining vegetative states.) We preserve and prolong life against the natural grain. We carelessly procreate at an alarming rate .. ....

If they weren't so many gays - would the Catholics need to resort to birth control?
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