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Hi Jay; I admire your imagination and prolific-ness (not sure that's a word).
The names of your characters, planets and places are very interesting.
Having said that, I feel that you have way too much going on with too many
different scenarios, different times, different power groups, people and planets
right off the bat. Mind you, I've only read up to where Viger sees Vilaya, spirit
of the forest. If you could devote more time to each scenario and bridge them
together in a clearer way, you'd have quite a book.
I see a lot of jumping around from situation to situation with little explanaton
and not a lot of background, though you have given us somewhat of an
understandable intro.
Slow down, take a deep breath and imagine yourself to be the reader. Then, go
over your piece and start editing. I agree with Devon about posting a lot of
pages all at once. Give us smaller chunks, they'll be a lot easier to work with!

P.S., the book is not boring.

'Best, E

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