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Default Autumn Word Vault (WBQ35)

The Word Vault contest is here again, with a new selection of words to inspire you. Good luck, and have fun.



Members are allowed one entry in the Word Vault Flash Fiction Contest. You are required to use at least one of the words from the Word Vault, (duplicated for your convenience below). Entries should be submitted as posts to this thread. The competition is open to all members of Writer’s Beat, including staff.

Members are requested to refrain from commenting on entries in this posting thread. Please use the Autumn Contest Comment thread instead. That thread will remain open throughout the posting period and afterwards, and members are encouraged to let entrants know what they thought of their entries.

Word Limits:

250 words maximum


Once an entry has been submitted, it cannot be altered. Any work that is edited after it has been entered will be disqualified. If you feel you need to make a small alteration (a misplaced comma, a spelling error), contact a member of staff. If we feel your request is reasonable, we will make the correction on your behalf.

Close Date:

30th of September 2012, 12 midnight GMT


After the closing date, we (the Staff) will select a winner to be published in the next issue of Writer’s Beat Quarterly, assuming permission is given when we contact the winner.

arpeggione (n): A six stringed instrument, similar to a cello or guitar.
Example: The musician plucked at the strings of his arpeggione instead of using his fiddlestick, that way the tune he played had a more staccato sound.

avowed (adj): Confirmed or stated (as a belief, fact, or assertion) under oath or vow.”
From: avow (v) from Old French avouer and Latin advocare (to call to/upon).
Example: The Prime Minister was an avowed supporter of children’s literacy.

ayah (n): A servant or maid. Specifically a native serving a European in South Asia.
From: Indian Languages, after the Portuguese aia or aio (nurse, tutor).
Example: The Merchant family hired an ayah to look after their son and teach him the native language.

fallal (n): An item of jewellery or dress that is intended to show off.
Example: The necklace was a true fallal, showy and in your face.

frugal (adj): Avoiding unnecessary expenditure of resources/money.
Example:The frugal housewife dried the tea bags after usage. That way she could serve a second pot for free.

nidulate (v): To build a nest.
Example: I always admired the way that birds nidulated.

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