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Default Prompt #44-The Year 3015 (part II)

Chekka spends the remaining hours of daylight reading a book called “Animal Farm” from her parent’s extensive library. By the time she reaches the part about a horse collapsing from hard labor, she weeps and is unable to continue reading. The story is too painful.

By nightfall Chekka builds up the fire in the front yard and drags the lawn chair and blanket from the porch down to the fire. With two full moons illuminating the barren fields around her, Chekka settles in for an evening of star gazing accompanied by an old bottle of whiskey. The whiskey is harsh but a little always seemed to help her go to sleep without tearing up about things.

After the whiskey, dreams come quickly. They are flashbacks of full meals around the family table with mom and dad laughing, sunshine reflecting off of sunglasses, siblings racing down the docks and cuddling with mom on the big blue davenport.

The ground violently shakes Chekka awake. She jumps to her feet in confusion and listens carefully. Above, giant glowing flares trailing across the sky catch her eye. She watches balls of fire spiral downward until they are out of site in some far away location on the other side of the forest. The ground moves under her feet and again silence falls over the region.

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