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Originally Posted by brianpatrick View Post
Maybe, yeah, but Mo never really says outright exactly what he’s aiming at. You assume some, but I’d like to give him the chance to explain it in his own words. Like, down to the concrete. I feel like I can appreciate a person for being convicted and invested in a philosophy or doctrine (or whatever) even if I disagree. I mean, if they just lay it out clearly.

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Yeah -- who knows. But what I'm talking about is the size of a community where it's possible to more or less force people to adhere to a set of strict moral standards and where you can minimize outside influences -- without it being part of some larger authoritarian regime.

I saw an interesting documentary about Hasidic Jews in New York -- basically, to keep people in line, especially women, they use fear and threats. The punishment for straying outside doctrine is banishment -- being cut off from all your family and friends forever.

With women, they've figured out how to game the legal system to keep them from their children -- the community pools their resources to hire lawyers and they conspire to discredit the women in any way they can.

They use a legal loophole called “status quo” -- which essentially means to see her children, the mother must maintain religious rules and the same kind of household environment that she's trying to escape -- basically a no-win situation. It's all pretty nasty.

Obviously, history shows us what happens when governments try to enforce moral standards according to a religious doctrine. In order to maintain control, they have to get more and more oppressive -- and eventually they turn on themselves when certain factions are seen to stray from the purity of the doctrine. Maybe it can work on a relatively small community level -- but on a larger scale, it will devolve into some kind of increasingly strict, authoritarian regime -- and of course, it's antithetical to any government where power supposedly rests with the people. You can't have it both ways.

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