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Originally Posted by Mohican View Post
A statement like this assumes that I don't live, or work, or have never lived, or worked around people of different races, faiths, leanings, etc and therefore I can't have any compassion for other or don't have any compassion for others.

And that's false.

Acceptance is not compassion, and compassion is not acceptance. Without making too bit a deal about it, I help quite a few people out.

Well, I wasn’t talking about you “personally.” I said somewhere earlier that if you make rules or laws (or get rid of them) that the new rules apply to everyone. If the government stops dominating the states, say, then a state could decide it was okay in their view for men to marry girls as young as 12 (this is just an example). Or they could decide that people who are religious and don’t agree with the homosexual lifestyle don’t have to serve these customers because they believe it would be considered support of gays. And yet these businesses use the public commons to support their businesses, and the gays pay taxes to support the same public commons.

And it doesn’t take a majority of the population to make these decisions. A small dedicated group can dominate a local community or state even.

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