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I will admit that there aren't any movies that I think are actually better than the book but a few had some changes that I liked and some I didn't. The one that sticks out is Misery by Stephen King, I loved the book and it scared the crap out of me but when I saw the movie I was truly disappointed although a good movie it left a lot of important things out.

But on the other hand being a romantic when I read the notebook by Nicholas Sparks I loved the book but I thought the movie was good but they changed the ending and I did like the ending of the movie better than the books ending.

Usually I like to read a book before the movie comes out. I like to see the authors original view first then see what the screenwriters saw along with the director and all involved. Only a few movies I wanted to read the book after I saw the movie. I am currently reading Wild which I saw in the movies first and went out to get the book. So far there are few differences in the book than in the movie but it is fairly close.

I am sure there are others but my mind is drawing a blank.
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