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("...naah, the only thing that counts are the posts themselves..." ventured the goblin who felt that if the reader could relate then it was good, though if that same reader could actually reply then it was just much better still, smiling "...all very simple, one keeps an eye on the hitcount to note one's readership, while keeping another eye on replies indicating whether one has made them think either by what one has written oneself or by the company one was offering...", meanwhile no end of snow just fell like a curtain, and that somewhere within the darkness out there santa lurked as if waiting for his chance to turn any passing human into a christmas shopping zombie, to the goblin just sighed "...naah, if I get into the spirit of things, then I just end up with things for my distraction, instead much too much is happening on the world stage now, and always it seems that they prepare their moves during the christmas period on through the new year, only to actually act in january or february...")

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