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Originally Posted by Non Serviam View Post
... but that's not the case that Ruddigore Jones is making, is it? He's not saying that any publisher is harming writers. He's saying that the system has evolved in such a way that it fails writers.
The 'system' does not exist to serve writers. I think people forget that and expect publishers to be the goose that lays golden eggs. The system is there to serve readers - consumers of the product.

If we weren't writers - if we were all designing and building vacuum cleaners, for example, would we be complaining that the 'system' was weighted against us because it insisted on selling the products that consumers wanted, rather than the bit of tat we were working on? No, because in a consumerist society we recognise that the consumer, not the manufacturer, should dictate what we spend our hard earned cash on. Which is why manufacturers spend billions on trying to sway our opinions.
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