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Originally Posted by AnyaKimlun View Post
I think it is with the industry but I don't know - I said that it could be a trend. I do know I see the fruits of it. Part of me thinks internet forums like this play their part. Because the list of shoulds and shouldn'ts is given greater coverage.
I think writing forums and college courses share blame. The online writing community has changed immensely in all the time I've been a part of it. Sadly, a lot of the passion has gone. People used to be interested in the broader scope of what made a novel work, not the nitty-gritty. Nowadays the prevailing interests appear to be more about (a) the 'rules', (b) whether or not you should break them, and (c) the quickest route to publication.

Colleges tend to turn out cookie-cutter writers whose skills are honed for publication, not for experimentation.

Originally Posted by AnyaKimlun View Post
Give me an agent who doesn't try to impose their personal taste on the industry.
It has to be so, to a degree. Look at it from an agent's point of view. If you take a book on, you may have to work for weeks or months to sell it, and there is every chance that you won't. And if you don't make a sale, you've worked for no money. Agents only get paid by result. Therefore most agents won't take a gamble on a book that is just ok, or fairly good. They're most likely to sell a book they themselves have fallen in love with.
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