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Re: Eragon etc...

Originally Posted by Synch View Post
Actually, having spoken with those who have read and, disturbing as it may seem, enjoyed all three of those, I would say the facts speak for themselves- people are buying them because those types of books are what they want to read.
My point entirely. You can beat people about the head with worthy novels, but you can't make them read them.

If we all had perfect literary taste, publishers would get it right every time. There would be no "where the fuck did that come from" aberrations from left-field like 50 shades. We would all be writing best-sellers.

All trad-published books, good, bad or indifferent, hit the bookshelves because people in the industry saw something in them that they thought others would like to read. And in the cases of Twilight, Eragon etc (exclude 50 shades because that happened a different way) they were right.

We might feel we are superior, and sneer at such books (I do, at least) but they are prime examples of publishing getting it right.
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