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When one shoots one bird flying, there becomes the truth: that that was all birds flying. There are all sensationally the same, and they glide in different eras, but the sense is still the same, and the last one is just as savory as the foremost, not the ending. l presume likewise, we are but apprenticed into the crafts, where none of which ever could become the masterful kind.

There is no hunting like the hunting of mankind, and the ones who have hunted armed men long enough to like it, never truly savor any other besides, thereafter. All those who called are wickedly innocent, so truly wicked. l love to listen. l love to linger in your smile. l have learned a great deal from it! Most people never listen, for what is courage other than grace under pressure.

l love to dream. My life has the capacity to fall to the wayside when l stay awake for too long, you know? But l say this, to the one who always listens: never go on trips with another victim. That is my only hope. For the world is considered by me, carefully, and so, the world breaks everyone, and afterwards, some are stronger in their most provoked parts. But a man is not perfect for his demise. A man can be destitute, but never destroyed.

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