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hi everyone!

A backdrop character (ticket taker or a neighbor) needs only a gender and a place and only perform a function or a moment of comic relief.

A secondary character can be stereotypical but in each one, there must be an element that makes them distinctive, A stutter or a twitch, situational influence, like a landlord or imposing manner where in does not belong. Things that affect the protagonist. They don't need a complete visual or physical description to point out a foible or a purpose. With the exception of essentials, let the reader color the rest of them in.

Characters should have varying degrees of detail in terms of importance. Too many principal characters can be a hardship for both writer and reader. Combine characters when possible or deal with them separately whenever possible.

It is possible to create a compelling character with personality and depth without ever mentioning their hair color.. The reader may do it on their own, choosing something of their liking.
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