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Originally Posted by poirot View Post
Your post, post #29, clearly shows that you understand my prior statement. Therefore the asking of an example is not for clarification purposes (explaining), but rather a submission for your approval (justifying).
I'm not asking you to justify anything. I was simply asking for an example of a book that normalizes abuse as opposed to just depicting it in some way, in your opinion.

If it's a book we've both read, I may or may not agree, but if I don't, it's really not a big deal. If you had said, 50 Shades of Gray, I'd probably agree with you based on what I know about it. If it was some other book that I haven't read, then I'd be interested to know how you formed your opinion and beyond that, I'd just take your word for it. Just because you feel like you're being judged doesn't mean I'm trying to judge you.

Originally Posted by poirot View Post
I also find your ridicule of the typo in Motley's post to be over the top and have reported it.
But there's no problem with him being condescending and assuming that I haven't read the classics.

That's kind of funny.

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