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Originally Posted by AnyaKimlun View Post
1) Tell me more about your girlfriend?
2) What do you do with you friends?
3) What kind of computer do you have?
4) Why do you assume your sister's dream is prophetic?
Oh, hello there, Anya.
1) About my girlfriend, huh. I'd call 'er a weirdo, to be honest. Popular at school, has the best grades, and still dates the number one slacker in the country. Told me she's into how devoted I am to my coding, and how I pass all exams without studying. Guess she just likes intelligent people, or something. Don't know. She's good looking and has a sense of humor, but sometimes undermines her own worth too much if you ask me. She's too submissive, and that sometimes brings out my asshole manipulative faceless side which I don't wanna see. Other than that, I'm really glad I met her.
2) Whenever I hang out with em, am the silent cousin of the group. I take my laptop computer everywhere I go so most of the time I'm working on a code or checking the forums while paying half attention to what they do. They never complained about it so that works. They ask me to explain maths stuff or physics or whatever, at times, too; but I can never tell them how my codes work. Guess that kinda double standards can't be helped.
3) I use a regular Sony VAIO, 32 GB RAM, i9 processor. I just recently messed around with their delivery service to have them ship me 10 additional pretty powerful CPU's that I'll use to process bigger shit later. Will need the extra power for a... let's just say I should keep secret, kind of job.
4) I think I'm a pretty down-to-earth guy, but sometimes believing makes life more interesting, don't you think? Even though evidence suggests to me that there is nothing more than what we see and calculate, isn't it more fun to think there's gods and crap that we just didn't find yet? What if my sister could see into the future? Wouldn't that be crazy? Don't really know myself, but if I had to choose between either her being crazy and her being a prophet, I'd cling to the latter, you know.
Is there anything else you would like to know?
So long as the Lord does not live in you, all living beings hold darkness in their hearts - - SMTDS
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