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uncephalized what is the avatar picture you have?
I cant work it out
and is your username means
uncivilised but written differently?

and to go back to your question it is not about censorship it is about the idea that drove the book to be.
the topic is not fictional because it is topical to any societies past ro present.
what drove it to become is more pressing.

what drives a writer to explicitly expose twisted dark thoughts especially involving children?
is one meant to feel sorry because I personally do not.
I don't see why I the reader have to it is not my place
I care more about the child wellbeing then feeling sorry or emotional for an adult who feels he has to express anxiety involving others who are not of his own age.
and call it fiction.

there is nothing fictional about this book because the very topic exposed here is topical and happens to this day.
a lesson in
life is a pound
in sound
it reminds us
it is expensive a fine
so bear one
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