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But Bangladeshi's aren't "feminists", are they? They might be struggling for equality, but don't call themselves that.

One thing I got a real kick out of back during the height of femmenazism was chicks in countries where they REALLY have it bad, looking at American women--the most spoiled and pampered chicks on earth, and the second most obnoxious--and wondering what the fuck THEY had to bitch about.

Feminism as such, the whole NO sort of shit we saw in the US was never about equality, it was about claiming priviledge.
Shit, women aren't even a minority. Thought they claimed that status. All they really ever had to do was vote together.

Then came the barracudas who would use their sexuality for advantage on one side, then yield legalism of "minority'" on the other to gain advantage.
It was pathetic.
Erin Brockovitch "They're called tits".

Women should be drafted, but should be able to be in the military as long as they can choose what they do and be able to get out any time they want.
Just power plays. They'd have shit a brick if they had to deal with what most women in the world deal with. Or had to cope with Latin American, Asian, African, Mid-Eastern, or European men.

It was all styled after leftist and civil rights confrontational type rhetoric. But ignoring the advantages women held.

I shouldn't even get started on this crap. I was single and dating during the seventies in two very liberal, femno cities. Still have the scars.
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