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I don't really know what your ideas about culture are, but judging from comments like this:
Originally Posted by Lin View Post
Probably just eliminating any male with a rag wrapped around his head would be the best first move, but then you get a bunch of namby-pambies on your back for THAT.
I think "ignorant" is being pretty charitable. I mean, there is zero difference between saying that, and saying "how could anyone practice Christianity after hearing about all those children who were raped by priests? I think anyone who wears a cross should be taken out and shot for supporting pedophilia."

And yes, she was a second-wave feminist, one of the women who helped found Bangladesh's National Women Worker's Trade Union Centre. What, did you really think feminism is an isolated American thing? Or did you think that no women in Bangladesh can pick up and read a book?

I think you'll be disappointed to find that the rest of the world isn't a whole lot different from the West. A friend of mine is an Islamic computer scientist from Saudi Arabia, studying in Ireland. We talk about books and movies. She wears her hijab to class. It looks cute on her.
This is the 21st century.

That's not to say there isn't horrible things that happen to people in some places. But to be honest, I've been hearing a lot more horror stories coming out of American lately than anywhere else...

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