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Default That Was The Night

Amelia was happy in her solipsism, studying a book on skeins of geese and other fowl in the carrel of her grandfather’s library. A quiet young woman of sixteen, her days were spent in solitary silence instead of the long hours other ladies her age spent looking for suitable husbands.
“Daughter, come out of that tenebrous library at once!” her mother called, holding a teapot with a definite patina. “You should have come out hours ago! Your father arranged for a suitor to be here tonight, and you will look no more respectable than a maid!”
Amelia sighed. “Coming, dear mother!”
The suitor was as haughty as all the others, and Amelia wished, not for the first time, her parents would let her marry her love, Calvin. Alas, it must not be meant to be. She sighed heavily, and returned to her bedchambers.
That was the night she would never forget, the night she lost all her honor and any scrap of dignity a woman could hope to hold in the year 1802.
That was the night she found out she was pregnant.